About Edward Newman

Mr InfrastructureWhy the Infrastructure Conspiracy?  I think that the nature of IT and the infrastructure it is responsible is changing at a frenetic pace and that a frontal attack on changing the way we plan, implement and manage IT often fails, so a conspiracy amongst change agents might be more successful.

My name is Edward Newman and I am the Global Practice Director for Private Cloud Services at EMC Consulting. I spent the last two years working with EMC, Cisco and VMware to develop the services for the Virtual Computing Environment coalition as the CTO of Infrastructure Consulting. As we got closer to the launch of the coalition I decided to move into the field to work with our customers to realize the vision of Private Cloud. I spent a lot of time with the VCE team working on the VBlock architecture and the services supporting it and am an evangelist for Private Cloud, VCE as an enabler and the VBlock as an accelerator.

I’ll be using this blog to share my ideas on Private Cloud, and it’s enablers, Pervasive Virtualization and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.